Getting Started on The Farm

Tomorrow it will be two weeks since we moved to the farm.  The last thirteen days have not exactly been a slow-paced start to country life.  We’ve been completely frantic arranging drinking water (a long story deserving a post all to itself – will put a link here soon!), flooring to replace the twenty six year old carpet in the farmhouse, fencing to keep in the future livestock, screens to keep in the toddler, unpacking boxes, and giving the longstanding mice population their marching orders (again, a story in and of itself).

But alongside the busyness, it’s been great getting to know the little nooks and crannies of the farm – the ancient chicken coop hiding in amongst a copse of trees, the pair of curlews that haunt a stand of bamboo, the five guinea fowl that march in every evening around sunset chasing each other and pecking at grass seeds and invisible insects, the tumbledown vegetable garden with kale peeking out beneath a sea of weeds, a pumpkin vine rambling over a dead tree.  All relics of the time spent here by the people who lived here before us – twenty-six years of their memories and projects.  They were about our age when they moved here and I wonder if they felt the same sense of anticipation mixed with that funny feeling that you’re completely out of your depth.

It feels strange that this place is now ours.  We’ve never had a proper home of our own without the spectre of a landlord hovering over us.  I keep expecting someone to turn up and demand the place back.  It’s a very odd sensation to stand on the deck and know that wherever you look, whichever paddock you can see, you’re responsible for that land.  I hope we can do it justice.

2 thoughts on “Getting Started on The Farm

  1. Hey! I was reading through old GRs and thought, “I wonder how this person is going with their tree change!” Nice to see you’re still at it. Reading this particular entry makes me think back to when we started back in 2010. One difference is, we had to build our house, but that’s pretty much done now. Totally relate to that comment about your first proper home of your own, and being responsible for the land. Best wishes from us! 🙂

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    1. Hi Sue, love GR 🙂 and reading through the back issues too. Yes, we’re still here, still learning and loving it. So you’ve been going since 2010? Few years ahead of us then! Building on top of all the other changes when you moved in must’ve been quite an adventure/challenge. It was all so different and so much to think about even when the house here was already standing. Yes it is such a strange/overwhelming/exciting feeling to finally have your own place to call your own. I still often get that feeling in the morning when I wake up and look out at the cows in the paddocks…I wonder if that ever really wears off.


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