There’s Something Strange in the Paddocks…

Lately we’ve been noticing a bit of movement way down in the back paddock, which is odd because we don’t actually have any livestock yet.  Due to the lack of cows (see post here), the grass has been getting pretty thick and high out there so it’s been difficult to see exactly what was moving about.  Wallabies, we assumed, and didn’t think much more of it.

Then the other day I was out near the shed and saw three shapes half-hidden in the grass, bent over munching the pasture.  I recalculated the distance – the back fence was quite a long way away, and those animals didn’t look as tiny as they should for wallabies.  Did wallabies get that big?  I could see their little ears sticking up over the grass; the ears looked about right.  Maybe they were kangaroos?  I inched a bit closer to the fence, the movement causing one of the animals to raise its (very distinctive) head.  I did a double-take.  That was not a kangaroo!

Bambi?  Is that you?


Yep.  Deer.  There were deer frolicking about our paddocks!  Another day, another surprise 🙂


And now for a closer look.
And now for a closer look.  That’s definitely a deer.



6 thoughts on “There’s Something Strange in the Paddocks…

    1. Sorry to hear about your mulberry tree, JudiB. Deer are beautiful looking animals but they can be really destructive. We’ve been lucky that our haven’t got in closer to the house where the new fruit trees are planted. They don’t sound like they’re very easy to fence out.


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