Country Lesson #1: Never Trust Strangers Bearing Promised Chickens

Well, the weekend came and went and no word from our chicken breeder.  Calls and texts went unanswered, so we were left to assume that the seller had probably changed his mind.

A couple of days later, we got a text message from the breeder explaining that there had been a ‘chicken hawk attack’ and so the chickens were no longer for sale.  Apparently the original chicken he’d reserved for us had survived the attack, but the chicken he’d reluctantly offered us (a chicken he’d originally promised to his sister, see post here) was taken by the hawk.  Hmmm….

Our chicken coop is still sitting empty in the houseyard, grain uneaten and water slowly evaporating.  So in the interests of remedying that situation, on Sunday we’re visiting another poultry breeder.  Hopefully we’ll have a little more luck this time.  If not, there’s always the backup plan – three commercial birds from the hardware store available in a few weeks time.

Who’d have thought buying a couple of chickens would be so hard?

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