Finally! The Moos have Arrived

We have cows!  Meet Cherry and Midnight – our little Lowline x steers (no prizes for guessing which cow is which!)

We were expecting the boys to arrive Sunday, but the weather had other plans.  Rain, cattle trucks and paddocks are not a good combination apparently, so the cattle breeders decided to give it a few days for the ground to dry out before attempting the drop off.  (The previous owners of the farm had regaled us with plenty of tales of bogged cattle trucks so we weren’t going to object).

Yesterday, a beautiful blue sky day, I arrived home just as the cattle truck was pulling up.  The cattle breeders jumped out and showed me a makeshift ramp they’d rigged up for the occasion (an old door with pig mesh fixed to one side, propped up on a couple of saw horses).  I was really taken aback and grateful that they’d gone to the effort to make a ramp because we didn’t have our own.  Talk about service!  Still, I was worried.  I knew the steers were pretty small due to their breed and their age, but I didn’t know how the ramp was going to hold up.

“Cross your fingers, your toes, your eyes and everything else,” the cattle breeders called to me with a laugh as they opened the back of the truck to release the cows.

I needn’t have worried.  After a minute’s hesitation, both steers walked down the ramp and into the paddock.  Just like that.  Easy.  No broken legs or anything else.

A few forms and formalities, a bit of advice and that was it – the cattle breeders drove away and the cows were ours.

The farm feels so different with the cows and chickens, the activity and the chores.  It feels more alive.  It feels like we’ve finally arrived.

Cherry and Midnight getting on with the serious business of eating

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