Country Lesson #2: Oops!l

If you read any article, book or website about feeding cows, you’ll read that it’s very important to use a feed trough that’s sturdy enough to prevent the cows knocking it over.  Note here: very important.

Now we’ve been meaning to drag an old cast iron bathtub into the paddock so that we have something sturdy to put the molasses in when we feed the cows of an evening.  But, having tried to move one, those bathtubs are really (really, really) heavy!  So we’ve been making do and using a big flat industrial-style plastic bin lid.  Not ideal, I know.  But it’s only a little bit of molasses after all, we reasoned.  No more than a dollop.  How much trouble could the cows possibly get into? 

Quite a lot, as it turns out.

Lately Midnight has been getting very excited about the late afternoon molasses feed.  He sees us pouring the molasses and makes a beeline for the gate.  It’s been getting more and more difficult to slide the lid full of molasses under the fence and into the paddock without Midnight sticking his hoof in it.  So, for a different approach, yesterday afternoon we tried lifting it over the fence and lowering to the ground.

Not – a – good – idea.

All was going well, Midnight standing back and watching as the lid slicked with molasses was lowered down in front of him.  Then, a split second later, Midnight got sick of the whole charade, ducked his head under the lid and headbutted it from below, flipping the entire contents onto his head.  One black cow covered head to neck in shiny, sticky black molasses.  He blinked at us.  We blinked at him.  Cherry (our other cow) did not blink.  He went in for a lick.  Midnight, being the boss cow, was not impressed and head-butted Cherry, getting molasses over Cherry in the process.  Two cows covered in molasses.

Far.  Out.

Sorry.  No photos of this one.  I just couldn’t.  So instead you get a very dignified photo of Midnight pre-molasses.

Dignified Midnight. Not covered in molasses.
Dignified Midnight. Not covered in molasses.

I thought we were going to have to hunt the pair of them down and give them a wash.  Thankfully between sunset and sunrise Midnight and Cherry must have sorted it out somehow.  By the time the sun was up they were back to their usual selves, no molasses in sight.

Never.  Again.

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