Hmm…guess it wasn’t a weed afterall

One of the nice things about moving to the farm is that, as we didn’t plant the original garden ourselves, it contains all sorts of little surprises that reveal themselves as the seasons arrive and progress.  For instance, just recently a big tree out the front burst into a frothy mass of purple flowers and declared itself a pretty spectacular Jacaranda.  The fact that I can’t identify a tree or shrub to save myself maintains the element of surprise 😉

Since we arrived I’ve been pulling out weird-looking leaves that keep emerging from the same patch of soil in our new herb bed.  Funny sort of weed, I thought.  Then the last couple of weeks I’d been distracted with various kid-related disasters and hadn’t got around to weeding.  A few days ago, I walked past the weird-leaved weed and noticed it’d sent up a flowerbud.  The look of the bud kinda rang a bell somewhere in my memory so, out of curiosity, I let it keep on growing till the flower opened up…

Gerbera, not weed
Gerbera, not weed

It might be a bit deformed (possibly due to some ignorant person thinking it was a weed and attempting to pull it out…) but even I can tell that’s definitely a Gerbera.


Not weed.

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