Happy harvest day!

Just a very quick post to share our first big harvest from Raised Garden Bed Number One – butter beans, green beans and zucchini.  (Doesn’t get much better than walking ten steps to pick veggies for dinner 😊)

harvest basket saturation
The basket of Blue Lake climbing beans, dwarf Butterbeans and Zucchini we picked for dinner


The butterbeans are in full swing, while the green beans are just starting to catch up in production.  We harvested just over half a kilo of beans (see basket pictured above).  There would have been more, however as fast as we were picking the beans, the toddler was eating them 🙂

The zucchini plant has also worked out really well.  Big fuss-pot that I am, I find bitterness in zucchini really off-putting, so I’ve been watering the plant really well and taking care to pick the fruit while it’s still young, before the seeds (and bitterness) have a chance to develop.

beans glow
Dwarf butter beans, ready for picking

As for eating…the green beans are sweet and crisp enough to eat raw, but I’m finding the butterbeans need a touch of steam to bring out their buttery flavour.

The zucchini has been surprisingly good – even the non-zucchini-eater in the household has been enjoying it (much to my amazement)!

The first zucchini, harvested young for sweetness (with flower still attached)

I’ve got a few recipes up my sleeve to try, but I think I’ll be starting with ‘Steamed beans with hazelnuts and lemon butter’ (Grow Harvest Cook, M.Kirton & M.Sinclair, p.61)*.  That is, if the kids actually leave me any beans to cook…



*No, nobody’s slipping me any commission money – it’s just a really good book 🙂

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