Small disasters

Well it’s been one of those weeks.  Overnight, my lovely vegetable garden (that was doing so well only a few days ago) suddenly began looking limp and sad.  A closer look revealed what I’d dreaded – tennis ball-sized holes all around the roots of the zucchini and scattered throughout the bed amongst the bean plants.  Bandicoots!  Apparently plants don’t like having their roots excavated.  Well, nobody likes a root canal ☺️

Taking a few pics of the damage, I hooked the camera up to the laptop to download the images.  Noting the laptop was almost out of battery, I went to plug it into a power point but something caught my attention – the plastic coating on the cord was missing in one spot, the wires looked frayed and chewed.  Something or someone had damaged the cord!  How?  I’ve got no idea.  Far out.  Living nowhere near a computer store, a replacement would mean a drive into town.  So, for now, I’m stuck with the iPad, no laptop and no access to proper camera pics. (Apologies for the pic shortage!)

Trying to figure out how to fix the computer issue, I gazed out the  window overlooking the potato crop and…argh!!! Potato crop!!! Right in the middle of our five metre square potato bed, kicking soil and shredding potato plants with glee, were our three chickens.  I’d spent half an hour earlier that day hilling soil against the stems of the potato plants to increase the crop yield, inadvertently exposing earthworms and bugs.  The temptation must’ve proven too much for the chickens; they’d raced onto the potato bed, digging and scratching in their pursuit of a worm and bug dinner.  Much flapping (from the chickens) and squawking (from me) later, and the chickens were banished.

Then yesterday I had two visitors to the farm.  Part way through afternoon tea, one of them looked through the glass sliding door behind me.  “Is your cow eating a hose?” I spun around and saw, sure enough, Midnight was in the process of trying to turn my new thirty metre hose into cud.  Far out!  We usually keep the hose connected at the inlet at the base of the water trough which ordinarily is turned so it is facing out of the paddock, poking outside the five strand barbed wire fence so the cows don’t have access.  But that day the hose was disconnected and appeared as though it’d been draped over the top of the water trough.  Maybe Midnight pulled it off or maybe (more likely) we didn’t reconnect it properly after relocating the tank a couple of days ago.  I dashed out there and Midnight, seeing me approaching, dropped the hose – thankfully!  I’d been anticipating a human vs. bovine tug-of-war.

Add to all that a recent hailstorm and high winds that damaged the garden bed enclosure and an army of little orange chewing bugs and it’s become clear..

It’s time for reinforcements!

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