It’s Twins!

Just in time for Christmas, our Bush Stone Curlews hatched a pair of chicks.  We’re enjoying the cuteness, watching the chicks stumbling, flipping and tripping their way about the farm.


This morning the Curlew family were camped out in a garden bed at the top of our (reasonably high) retaining wall.  One of the guinea fowl took a keen interest and came over to investigate, startling the chicks.  The two chicks, instead of ducking under their parents’ wings as they should, ran off and straight over the edge of the retaining wall!  Luckily for them there’s a section of soft fluffy grass and undergrowth at the bottom of the wall and they landed with the same kind of plop you’d expect if you fell from a height onto a pile of pillows.  Here’s one looking a little stunned after landing:


Amazingly the chicks were completely unharmed by their fall and waited patiently till their parents found a way down and collected them.



Speaking of Guinea Fowl, my neighbour called by to let me know that one of our four remaining guinea fowl was sitting on a huge nest of eggs in the long grass next to his front gate.  We might get some baby Guinea fowl (keets??) after all!

The guinea fowl that thinks it’s a curlew.  Parent curlew feeding chicks

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