Washing away the old year, planning for the new


New Year brought with it rain – buckets and buckets of it.  And with the rain, the chance to sit and think…and plan!

We’ve been at the farm around six months now, so we’ve had a chance to watch how things work – where the sun shines, where the shadows from the big trees fall, which direction the wind comes from and how strongly it blows, how the rain pools and how it drains away…

Speaking of which, a few photos of the rain pooling outside the house during one of the many downpours we had over New Year:

Gentle puddles at the start of the rain, bubbles forming in the background.


Rain filling up out front of the house.  Outdoor bath, anyone?  Thankfully it drained away as soon as the rain stopped.


We didn’t want to make too many big changes before we’d seen out a full year and all the seasons on the farm.  But now we’re at the six month mark I’m starting to get awfully tempted; patience is not one of my strong points.  So, in an attempt to satisfy my need to do something right now, we’ve chosen the site of our new orchard – a lovely gently sloping strip on the eastern side of the property, about twenty by thirty metres, overlooking our favourite paddock.

Originally I’d wanted to intersperse the fruit trees amongst the pre-existing ornamental trees but, after trying to dig a planting hole with no success, I realised the trees and their roots were too established to squeeze a brand new tree in between – even if I could manage to dig a hole, the root competition would be too fierce.  So a designated orchard it is.

To kick off the new orchard, on Boxing Day the whole family pulled on gumboots and plodded out in the drizzle to plant the very first tree – a lychee.  That brings our current fruit tree tally on the farm to six (lemon, orange, peach, apple, black sapote and now a lychee – getting closer to a fruit salad every day!)

We’re throwing ideas around regarding plans for new animals this year, including things that go ‘oink,’ fluff balls that go ‘cheep,’ and if this rain keeps up and the grass keeps growing, it might even need to include a new moo.

And now, to end, a pic of our free range chickens.  Caught by a sudden downpour, they took shelter at the front door.  Love how they look like they’re standing guard 🙂  Just what every farm needs – a pair of guard chickens!


3 thoughts on “Washing away the old year, planning for the new

  1. Julie, your photos alone are just wonderful. And it’s just a bonus that you also write beautifully! Sometimes, I can’t bear to look at your blog post because I go completely green with envy! 🙂 xo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooh, so many exciting things to look forward to! I can’t wait to see how your orchard progresses. Twitchy fingers are dangerous. But then, you have to start some time, right? 😉


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