New day, new adventures

I just love the mornings at the moment.  Every few days I look out the window at sunrise and find that the mist has crept in overnight.  It never stays for long, just long enough to cloak the new day in that air of expectation.  I always thought mist (fog?) was confined to crisp winter mornings, not mid summer.  Guess I was wrong 🙂  (That seems to happen a lot now we’ve moved to the country!)

After a gentle start to the New Year, we’re finally getting into the rhythm of things.  I love the daily chore of letting the chickens loose to free-range each morning and moving their chicken tractor onto fresh ground.  As the chickens are released the guinea fowl come running in for some grain.  Then there’s the plants to check on, fertilising, mulching, weeding – no need to water anything except seedlings and pot plants at the moment as the rain is taking care of the rest.  As sunsets, the scraps go out to the compost, the chickens get fresh feed and water and are locked up for the night.  If the cows aren’t already waiting at the gate, we call them in for molasses and check the water troughs.  It’s a relaxing routine.

Hubby brought home fortune cookies for New Year. I was very amused to find this message inside my cookie. The fortune cookie makers must be aware of my orchard plans 🙂

After the disastrous potato crop, I wanted to get some new seedlings growing.  Luckily I always keep a well-organised, categorised selection of seeds, storing them under optimum conditions (ahem…. 🙂 )


Ok, not really :).  Let’s try that again … Luckily I had an old plastic container I’d stuffed full of various seed packets I’d bought on impulse over the last couple of years.  Consulting the seed sowing charts for our climate for the month of January (and with lots of input from the kids) we ended up sowing:

  • Capsicum (Mini Sweet Mix Heirloom – Diggers Club)
  • Squash (High Flavour – Searles)
  • Asian greens (Oriental Mix – Searles)
  • Cucumber (Bushy – Select Organic)
  • Cucumber (Green Gem – Select Organic)
  • Lettuce (Salad Bowl Red – Select Organic)
  • Lettuce (Salad Bowl Green – Select Organic)
  • Tomato (Brandywine – Select Organic)
  • Shallots (White Lisbon – Select Organic)
  • Watermelon (Tiny Tot – Erica Vale)

If any of that grows, we should have some interesting salads come autumn.

Nothing like staring at a freshly planted punnet of seedlings, waiting for those first leaves to show.  It’s like Christmas morning every day of the year 🙂


I didn’t realise how quickly Asian greens germinate.  After only a day or two they had bright green leaves poking above the seed raising mix.  I’m going to need to ‘prick’ the baby seedlings out into their own pots so they can get the light they need without overexposing and drying out the other slower germinating seeds in the tray.



And finally, for anyone who’s made it to the end of this long post, today we collected some very small, very cute things that go cheep from a breeder this morning….more on that (with pics of our new additions) in the next post…

Have a great weekend everyone!


3 thoughts on “New day, new adventures

  1. Your farm looks beautiful in the mist. =) I wouldn’t mind some mist and rain, we’ve just got stinkin’ hot days and nights here at the moment. Your seed box looks a little like my ones hehe. Except I have 3 boxes: veges, herbs and flowers and they are in alphabetical order at least. I really should improve my storage system…

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    1. That sounds like a real seed organisation system, Twiglet! Actually, compared to mine that’s definitely a system! Wish I could send you a bit of our cool weather. It’s not particularly cool in the middle of the day, but at least it’s quite pleasant most evenings and mornings, so you get some relief from the heat 🙂

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