Having a Little Red Brick break…

It’s been over a year now since we moved to our tiny farm.  I’ve just been sitting here, looking back through all the pics I’ve taken and the things we’ve done in that time; it’s been an adventure! As has this blog.  It’s been exciting seeing visitors logging on from all over the world to read about our (very low key)adventures.  I’ve loved getting to see what others overseas have been getting up to on their farms and homesteads too.  And it’s been wonderful knowing that our family and friends have been keeping tabs on us via the blog too.  But the time has come for this little blog to have a little break.  Slowly but surely circumstances have changed leaving hardly any time to devote to the farm – as depressing as that is to write.  I’m hoping this is a temporary situation and we’ll be able to rebalance life and commitments and general chaos and get back to things…time will tell.

But may I say thank you, a huge thank you, for taking the time to visit and read and be part of this.  And hopefully I’ll be back here again in the not too distant future, full of new plans and pics and stories to share….

Much happiness to you and yours,

Julie (@littleredbrickfarm)

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